The Importance of Trade Shows

Hollywood Banners has finally taken the plunge into social media, we also know that there is no replacement for face to face relationships with our clients, customers & peers. With that in mind, we wanted to take an opportunity to talk about how important trade shows can be.

Beyond keeping up and strengthening relationships already made, trade shows are a great place to meet prospective clients. They provide the venue for us to introduce ourselves, make that initial contact and explain what our capabilities are and what new products and services we offer.  Opening up a simple dialogue can go a long way to forging lasting business relationships and we have not forgotten that.

We are also always excited to see the newest industry trends and of course, to see what our competition is up to. Trade shows are a great way to keep us up to date with what is going on in our industry.

The best part about a trade show format is the variety of products and services offered, it resembles a gallery of sorts. You are able to see all that is available, and potential clients can point out what is interesting and get questions answered on the spot. From there we can talk about how best we can make our products and services work for you.


Hollywood Banners: Our Journey From California to New York

hollywood-banners-blog-sneezyWhile we are no longer located in Hollywood, that’s where we got our name.  And our start! In 1927, we had our humble beginnings in the depths of the film industry. We originally sold theatre ushers’ uniforms and moved quickly onto appliqué style banners which hung in theatre marquees.

Eventually, we got into silk screen printing and started working on the “Coming Attraction” banners that would travel from theatre to theatre with the film canisters. One of our first silk screening projects was creating the usher lapel pins for the 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

In the 1940s we left Hollywood and moved to the East Coast with the film distribution industry. Once there, we saw so much opportunity in additional industries that we decided it was time to branch out. We began working on advertising banners for consumer products and events, and now we offer table covers, trade show displays, window and floor graphics, boards and signs and grand format printing.

Most of our printing and all of our finishing processes are completed in-house at our workshop in Copiague, NY.  While we still have our traditional silkscreen printing tables, we have also added modern digital printing presses to round out our operating system.